Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monopoly-themed Wedding Invitations

Just recently, I finished these wedding invitations for a couple looking to throw a Monopoly-themed wedding.

Property cards were chosen as the concept for the invitations due to their linkage in the game to location or destination. The key to making these invites a success was to ensure that they weren't an exact replication of the Monopoly graphic style but were simply inspired by it. Black outlines, black text, one solid colour, and lots of white space were elements used to make the cards recognizable to the game while flourishes and accents were added to portray the formality and elegance the couple were looking for.

The RSVP cards reflected the Chance cards from the game to indicate an opportunity to respond.

These invites were featured on Design Edge magazine and it was definitely a proud day for the bride and groom as well as myself. With this came a little bit of drama on the comment boards but it has been exciting to see so many people conversing about them. Not to mention all the tweets, re-tweets, and Likes I received from it all.

My client are esctatic with these invites and their guests are using them as keepsakes for the occasion so in my mind, these were an official success and a job well done.

Congrats guys!

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Monopoly themed invitations is obviously beautiful!

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